Why to Choose Joomla as Best Content Management System?[Infographics]

Business usually faces issues if they want to add or edit any existing marketing material or website. They will have to reach to web designers and developers to modify their content. It was history now as there are many content management systems available in the market. There are open source CMS and licensed CMS available. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are open source content management systems that are well used recently. It’s mainly running in LAMP (Linux | Apache | MySQL | PHP) or Windows environment.

Choosing a CMS system is based on what needs to be built. Some components are easy to achieve in WordPress. As we are a branding and Open Source Web Development Company, W2S Solutions helps our customers to choose the technology based on business requirement.

Though Joomla is not an easy CMS System comparing with WordPress, but It offers a list of salient features. Joomla can’t be treated as a lightweight CMS System; It withstands and offers heavy business applications. Customization is not user-friendly as WordPress, but if business growth is rapid, and many pages and functionalities will be added recently, Joomla is preferred than WordPress. We have created the advantages of choosing Joomla as your CMS and Its derived in detail in below screenshot.

Please go through and reach us if you are looking for your branding development. Would like to take a look at our branding profile? Go through this PPT and you will be interested in talking with us.


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