Reasons to Choose MongoDB for ASP.NET ‘MVC’ Development[Infographics]

NoSQL DB’s are getting popular in the market and MongoDB gains a lot of traction due to its features. There is no structure in Database Design and MongoDB Design offers no relationship or foreign key violation but offers to store all values as expected as documents. Developers usually explore MongoDB with Open source web technologies such as Django, Python, AngularJS, Node and PHP framework.

Additional to this, At W2S Solutions, we offer MongoDB integration with ASP.NET and host the solution in IIS. Benefits of this framework are shown below. Major highlights are

  • Faster development
  • Minimal Migrations
  • High Performance
  • Rich Query language
  • Horizontal Scalability

It’s quite easy to integrate MongoDB in IIS and using web UI frameworks as AngularJS, Asp.Net, It is easy to integrate. Reach us if you are looking to hire an open source development company to work with your web and mobile apps. We know how to develop apps that are unique, loved by people and increase downloads.


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